Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rainbow Butterfly

There was a butterfly just came out of its cocoon. She thought what kind of surprises the outer world might be having. As she opened her eyes she found that jungle was dead and horrible. And when she tried to fly she heard the loud noise of frogs croaking. She became scared and her heart started pondering she thought very soon she will be eaten by frogs. The horrified butterfly flapped her wings with all her strength and started flying. But she couldn’t go far and landed on a tree. As she sat down, she heard two owls talking to each other.
One owl said to other

-       - "Do you know who is the most beautiful creature in this jungle ?"
-       - "Of course I know. It is the jumping deer. He can make a baby smile."
-       - "NO!  He is not the most beautiful creature."
-       - "I am certain he is."
-       - "I lived in this jungle for last 30 years. I know so many things which you don’t, My Son."
-        - 'Then tell me father who is most beautiful ?'
-        - It is the rainbow butterfly. Her wings are as colorful as rainbow itself. And she can bring the spring just by flapping her wings."
-        - "It’s not true father it’s just a legend."
-        - "Son, I told you I know so many things. And you know why this jungle is not green. Because spring hasn’t touched this jungle since last 30 years and nobody saw the rainbow butterfly."
-        - "Really Dad! Though I don’t like rain because it makes my feather wet. But I wish to see the rainbow butterfly."
The butterfly thought, "I wish I were as beautiful as rainbow butterfly. But I am so ugly I don’t have any colors and trapped in this dead jungle where even spring has stopped coming."

More she thought the more she became restless and started crying. "I don’t want to be here", she said. And she started flying here and there in random direction. She kept flying and flying. 
The new born butterfly soon got so tired that her wing started feeling heavy. But she didn’t stop and lost consciousness.

        She woke up, as a tiny drop of water fell down on her head. She saw that she was lying on a red rose flower and in front of her eyes was fresh nectar. As she drank the nectar she felt alive again. She looked at herself her wing gained the beautiful colors.

She said to flower," You are so kind, and because of your magical nectar I am colorful now." The flower said," My Dear Butterfly, you were already beautiful. You could not see your color because when you were born it was dark. And because you flew in the jungle all night the spring has come again. You my dear, You are the Rainbow Butterfly."
Butterfly smiled, kissed the flower and flew away. Flower saw, the rainbow in the sky started appearing,
                 The old owl in the jungle said, Let’s go inside our home, it would be raining soon. It seems rainbow butterfly has returned.